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Grid Connection Consulting are power generation and electrical design specialists, and have worked on over 30% of Scotlands wind farm MW’s (in planning to construction).

  • We have been involved with the electrical design and connection of over 240 different generation sites across Europe at every process stage from feasibility to completion.
  • From 2008 to 2014 Grid Connection Consulting was involved in the 500MW Greater Gabbard Offshore wind farm project, ensuring that from design to compliance testing the site met all of National Grids technical requirements.
  • Grid Connection Consulting has also been involved in the development and early design phases of the SSE Renewables Beatrice, Dogger Bank and Islay offshore wind farms.
  • With a strong background in Power Electronics and Machines research, Grid Connection Consulting has valuable experience and knowledge which applies readily to most renewable types of power generation and to HVDC technology. With the future of renewable energy becoming further offshore such experience is becoming increasingly valuable for future projects.