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Greater Gabbard: National Grid Voltage Control Tests

Grid Connection Consulting have recently taken Greater Gabbard wind farm (500MW) through the National Grid voltage control Grid Code Compliance tests. The results of these tests highlighted that the wind farm meets all of the National Grid stringent voltage control requirements.

Greater Gabbard: Completion of Reactive Power Grid Code Tests

Grid Connection Consulting have recently taken Greater Gabbard wind farm (500MW) through the National Grid reactive power Grid Code Compliance tests.  The results of these tests, which show the significant reactive power capability of the site, have been submitted to National Grid.

Grid Connection Feasibility Studies and Connection Applications

Grid Connection Consulting have now carried out more than 75 UK grid connection feasibility studies in the last 5 years.

Grid Connection Consulting have also made more than 60 grid connection applications in the last 5 years. This has meant dealing with almost all of the Distribution Network Operators in the UK; which has given Grid Connection Consulting a wide ranging knowledge of the UK electricity network and the relevant network operator processes / design policies.

Grid Code Compliance Testing: Gordonstown Wind Farm

Grid Connection Consulting have been employed by Infinis to manage their Grid Code Compliance test process on site at the 12.5MW Gordonstown Wind Farm.

In addition to the above, Grid Connection Consulting are also collating all of the technical and process related information to meet the National Grid User Data File Structure (UDFS) requirements.  Once this process is complete the site will be considered to be compliant with the GB Grid Code.

Grid Connection Consulting have already assisted many sites in the UK through this process, and thus were chosen for this work due to the expertise which can be offered.

GlaxoSmithKline – Wind Turbines

Grid Connection Consulting have been acting in a technical advisor role for GSK to assist connection of several wind turbines at factories throughout Scotland. Advisory work at the Irvine factory is ongoing throughout the construction phase for the site.

Westray Wind Farm – Bank Due Diligence

Grid Connection Consulting recently completed electrical and grid due diligence on the Westray wind farm in Orkney, on behalf of the Cooperative Bank.

Greater Gabbard – Reactive Power Compliance Tests

Grid Connection Consulting recently took Greater Gabbard wind farm through extensive reactive power compliance tests to satisfy the requirements of National Grid.  The tests took place over 3 days proving the considerable reactive power range achievable by the site.  Voltage control and frequency control testing will follow shortly at the site.

Grid Connection Feasibilities & Final Sums Liabilities

Some recent activities include:

  • Several wind farm grid connection feasibility studies; examining potential connections across the UK for sites from 5MW in size to 45MW in size.
  • Several solar power grid connection feasibilty studies; examining up to multi-MW sites acoss the UK.
  • Involvement in the electrical commissioning of Greater Gabbard 500MW offshore wind farm; specifically relating to some Grid Code related matters on the site.  The wind farm site is now in power production.
  • Examination and reporting on several grid connection offers; examining some regulatory aspects and technical issues.
  • Performing further PSS/E load flow studies to create reactive power capability diagrams for a number of offshore Power Park Modules, and liasing with National Grid on the issue.
  • Examining updated Secured Amount Statements (for Final Sums Liabilities) for various connectees in relation to their grid connection agreements.
  • Attended various meetings with National Grid, DNO’s and TNO’s in relation to the progress of various connecting wind farms.
  • Updated a number of week 24 (technical) submissions to National Grid relating to Bilateral Connection Agreements for future UK connectees.
  • Recent Activity

    Some recent contracts have included:

  • Several feasibility studies; examining potential connections across the UK for sites from 5MW in size to 125MW in size.
  • Several connection applications; which were completed for a number of developers following examination of connection options. In total for 2010 more than 15 connection applications were completed in 2010.
  • Examination of HVDC and HVAC options for the connection of SSE Renewables Beatrice 1GW offshore wind farm.
  • Ensuring Greater Gabbard 500MW wind farm achieved its Interim Operation Notifcation (ION) status from National Grid, by documenting the overall electrical compliance design detail for the site.
  • Managing the initial grid code compliance tests on the voltage control system at Greater Gabbard 500MW wind farm. All tests were passed as required.
  • Negotiation with National Grid of a revised OFTO compliant Bilateral Connection Agreement.
  • Performing PSS/E load flow studies to create a reactive power capability diagram for an offshore wind farm site.
  • List of Services Offered

    • Wind turbine due diligence (electrical); specifically we have experience and knowledge of all of the major turbine suppliers generators, plus emerging suppliers not yet being utilised in the UK
    • Grid Connection Feasibility studies
    • Wind turbine specification (electrical)
    • Wind turbine technical negotiation
    • Wind turbine factory inspection
    • Full grid connection management, from initial discussion with the network company to the management of the connection and compliance process. This includes management of the testing, examination and collation of results, and creation and completion of the full User Data Library required by National Grid.
    • Co-ordination of the development of Mandatory Services Agreement following receipt of Final Operational Notification.
    • Early examination of grid code issues for specific sites, to thus allow sensible electrical cost budgeting. Note that I can carry out load flow study work although do not have a license for the necessary software (PSS/E).
    • Early examination of transformer inrush issues and specification of mitigation measures, again to allow sensible electrical cost budgeting.
    • Grid code derogations applied for (where necessary).
    • General grid connection advice; including connection charging, connection processes and technical guidance.
    • Quarterly reporting and week 24 submissions to National Grid for signed connection Offers.
    • Voltage control plant specification.
    • Experience of harmonic related performance issues on several wind farms to date.