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Grid Code Compliance and UDFS

Grid Connection Consulting is currently working on Grid Code compliance issues for many sites, including:

  1. Edintore (12MW) – in construction
  2. Strathy North (67MW) – in operation
  3. Beatrice Offshore (500MW) – in design
  4. Corrimony (11MW) – in operation
  5. Tormywheel (34MW) – in construction
  6. A’Chruach (42MW) – in operation
  7. Galawhistle (67MW) – in construction
  8. Dunmaglass (94MW) – in construction
  9. Bhlaraidh – in design

For all of these sites (plus others)Grid Connection Consultingis responsible for submission of the UDFS to National Grid.

We have successfully taken many sites through their compliance processes (large and small), and can help you with anything in relation to Grid Code compliance. We probably have more experience on this front than any other company in the UK.

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