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Power Generation and Renewable Energy Specialists

Grid Connection Consulting provides technical, process and regulatory advice to power generation developers who wish to connect renewable and non-renewable generation to the electricity grid. From your initial grid connection feasibility study, to electrical design and final compliance testing, Grid Connection Consulting can be there to assist you in every phase of your development.

Based just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, Grid Connection Consulting has worked with more than 30 international developers since 2007. As generation specialists, we have consulted on more than 240 wind farms (both onshore and offshore), gas-fired power stations, PV solar farms, wave and tidal farms, and biomass stations.

Grid Connection Consulting also provides technical due diligence advice to a number of banks, finance companies and developers.

Some of the companies worked with include:

  • SSE Renewables
  • Infinis
  • Novera Energy
  • SSE Generation
  • European Forestry Resources Group
  • Element Power
  • Carbon Free Developments
  • Sea Energy Renewables
  • 2020 Renewables
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Cooperative Bank
  • Development Securities
  • RidgeWind
  • Capital Dynamics
  • Banks Group
  • Blue Energy
  • Vento Ludens

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